Building Skills by Recycling Whole Buildings: Youth and adults learn emerging green building technologies and LEED® certification protocols.

NPO Development Program

Crafting your educational vision through NCC sponsored projects and new nonprofit startup assistance.


Applied Construction Trades Skills Training: Youth and adults learn trades skills on small and large projects while working alongside skilled trades and crafts people.

Welcome to the National Center for Craftsmanship

Gary Geroy, Sustainable Living Fair 2007

The National Center for Craftsmanship is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation, enhancement and sustainability of quality craftsmanship. Working with industry, institutional and government partners, we provide education, training, community service and research to support the retention and extension of craft skills at the local, regional, and national levels. Our mission is to develop to its fullest expression the spirit of craftsmanship that exists in each of us.

As a nation, critical shortages of skilled craftspeople have brought us to a point where businesses are unable to meet the needs of their customers due to a lack of qualified workers. As the current pool of craft workers continues to age, the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a valuable source of economic productivity is quickly concentrating in a diminishing percentage of the population.

From construction and manufacturing to art and handicrafts, the articulation of knowledge and skill through tools and materials is the foundation of quality craftsmanship. The National Center for Craftsmanship is assuring that the knowledge, skills and abilities of our community’s finest craftspeople is passed on to future generations. Won’t you join us and help build the next generation of craftspeople?


NCC Enterprise Zone (EZ) Tax Credits

NCC’s DeConstruct™ Program is listed as an approved contribution project for Enterprise Zone (EZ) Tax Credits. Learn about EZ Tax credits here, and find NCC on the list of Approved Projects here.

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