Letter From the District Mentor

Dear Robb,

While subbing for Kim Eklund, I had the great pleasure to be present in your Construction 1 class at Berthoud High this morning.

You had a former student come in and do a demonstration of wood turning and basic safety techniques. I thought that this demonstration was the finest example of the Gradual Release of Responsibility concept that I have observed in any classroom. Your student reflected what you had taught him last semester while you stood off to the side as a commentator for the rest of the class. Your former student was remarkably skilled and professional in his presentation; frankly, I was amazed at his level of expertise as he took a block of wood and crafted it into a beautiful pen as we all watched. It was highly effective for the current students to see a peer using the skills that they are in the class to learn. They were especially attentive when the young man told them how much money he makes from his craftsmanship.

You assured the current students that they will be doing the same thing at the end of the semester if they carefully follow the safety procedures and woodworking techniques you teach in this class.

Again, I compliment you on an exemplary lesson. I hope that other teachers will have the opportunity to observe the high quality of learning that occurs in your classroom.


Patricia A. Klumpp
Substitute and District Mentor

Download the letter (PDF, 8 KB)

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