DeConstruct Project a Learning Experience

Loveland Reporter-Herald

Educators often talk in terms of building blocks to success, and the metaphor is apt, because before a student can learn complex theories and tasks, he must know the fundamentals involved.

That comes into sharper focus when the building blocks of the day’s lesson are not being built up, but in fact are being torn away, one by one.

Recently, students from Larimer County were able to participate in the National Center for Craftsmanship’s DeConstruct Training Program, which gave them the opportunity to dismantle a finely crafted building to learn more about what went into its design and construction.

Tasks as seemingly mundane as pulling nails from a board teach about the physics of force, fulcrums and other abstract principles. Also as important, it teaches skills needed for future construction.

Demolition of a building goes beyond just pulling it apart, however. The program works to identify those materials that can be recycled and then pulls them for future use. Organizers say they hope that up to three-quarters of the materials from reconstruction projects can be reclaimed for future uses.

Programs such as the DeConstruct Training Program offer an important level of hands-on education to students throughout Northern Colorado, and its organizers should be commended for offering students another option to learn.

Sometimes seemingly simple tasks such as removing bricks and boards can help students learn the lessons that will help them to build a career that goes far beyond their hopes and dreams.

Download the article (PDF, 98 KB) published in The Loveland Reporter Herald.

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