Boulder Chapter Launch!

The Craftsmanship Network team launched the Boulder chapter on Tuesday evening, October 20th. The event was hosted by Jodi Feinhor-Dennis at her wonderful eco-fashionable Invironments interior design showroom on Pearl Street. Jodi has been a high-energy supporter of the Craftsmanship Network concept from the moment we met her back in August. Jodi is the Chapter Founder for all of Boulder county and will inform the Boulder community about the mission and values of the Craftsmanship Network.

Many of Boulder’s highly-skilled crafts and tradespeople came to the event and were impressed by what we have accomplished in Fort Collins with the National Center for Craftsmanship. Several inspiring questions and ideas were asked, strong relationships were initiated, and some of the attendees have already become members. The event was a great success and we look forward to continuing to meet many more Boulder craftspeople in the coming months!

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