909 Riverside Dr

909 Riverside Drive
Estes Park, Colorado

DeConstruct™ Project

NCC completed the recycling of a 95 year old house in April of 2011. The residence was located in the oldest subdivision in the Estes Valley.

NCC was successful in being awarded a State Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) in 2010. This grant will help in training nine women from Larimer County Corrections facilitating their transition back into the general population.

This is NCC’s fourth project that trains women from Larimer County Corrections. The first was successfully completed in April of 2010 using the old Steele’s Market on Mountain Avenue as the training site.

Five women were certified and found jobs within a few weeks of graduating.


When I first saw the quote from NCC, it was way above the standard
price.  But the tax benefits of using NCC look like they’re going to
make up the difference, perhaps even a noticeable amount to the
better.  Also, there seems to be a 20% surcharge for any construction
work in Estes, due to the trips up & down the canyon…the NCC team
did not have this overhead. We’ll know the final $$ when we finish our
tax returns for 2011.   Also, the NCC approach is a lot more
environmentally friendly than the normal backhoe/truck approach.

The work was done very well, and very professionally.  The site
started with a building, and was returned back to bare dirt.  The
neighbors run a 4-cabin rental business, and they were very pleased
with their interaction with the team.  The only delays were for
weather, since this was an indoor/outdoor job.

I don’t think the team that did the Estes work were all “youth”…but
they were training to enter the construction trade, and were closely
supervised for safety & technique.  The small cabin that they used as
a base was always kept clean and secure.

As I prepare to build a new structure in the lot, I’ll certainly keep
Neil and his team in mind when I need to remove the small cabin.

Tom Huibregtse, Owner

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