Kodak Helps Women Rebuild Lives

From a single phone call to Kodak, NCC was able to develop a strong working relationship with the executives who were already in the final contractual stages of implementing a massive demolition project.

When NCC approached Kodak about a partnership for deconstructing the buildings, the new Colorado Plant Manager, Vikki Wagner embraced the NCC mission. “We came to Kodak very late in the project timeline,” said NCC Operations Manager Nick Benson. “Sometimes it’s very difficult to come in this late, but Vikki welcomed us.”

Kodak announced in October that four buildings C11, C13, C16 and C60 were to be demolished and the land they occupy would be put up for sale. “They’re very specialized buildings that really were not easy to adapt for other users,” said Wagner.

NCC felt that it could bring its extensive deconstruction expertise to the project, and also help nine women experience working in several large commercial buildings at the same time. The women are all from Larimer County Corrections and are working under a State Justice Assistance block grant.

Over 5,500 feet of maple, and over 800 feet of teak boards was salvaged in just nine days. The work was highly challenging because most of the work was completed in complete darkness using headlamps.

“It’s been an absolutely wonderful adventure,”  Vikki Wagner declared.

Some of the information above was excerpted from the Windsor Beacon article from April 12th, 2011

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