O’Donnell House / Poudre Fire Authority

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O’Donnell House / Poudre Fire Authority Station 4
Fort Collins, Colorado

DeConstruct™ Project

O'Donnell House Deconstruction, Fort Collins, CO

Following the national attention and success of deconstructing the Andrijeski farmstead, the City of Fort Collins contracted NCC to deconstruct a wood frame house and barn from the 1900’s at the SE corner of Drake Road and Taft Hill Road. Poudre Fire Authority began building their new fire station in the summer of 2009.


  • 74 students from Turning Point Youth & Family Services and Larimer County Youth Services participated in the project
  • Three students certified in DeConstruct™


“The Poudre Fire Authority built a LEED Gold Fire Station in 2009 on a large infill lot in Southwest Fort Collins.  There existed on this lot an old farm house, a large old barn, a large shed and other out buildings.  As part of our efforts towards sustainability we contracted with NCC to deconstruct this building as opposed to the more typical demolish and dispose of process. 

The NCC was great to work with, were thorough and safe during the process and the actual costs for the project compared very well with the costs for the more traditional demolition process.  However, by working with NCC we were able to divert over 50 tons of material from the landfill through recycling and reusing what originally was junk.  This is a great process and a wonderful opportunity to have a positive impact on the local community and resources. “

Bob Poncelow, Poudre Fire Authority Battalion Chief

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