Foote Home Lake Loveland

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Historic Foote Home, 1725 Garfield Avenue
Loveland, Colorado

DeConstruct™ Project

1725 N. Garfield

1735 N. Garfield

This lakefront home located at 1725 Garfield Avenue in Loveland, once owned by the Foote family, is being taken apart, nail by nail, board by board, by six women from the Larimer County community corrections program.

Current owners Randy and Alicia Lofquist chose deconstruction instead of demolition so that the materials from the valuable home could be recycled and reused. In fact, woodworkers from Cajun Moon Design in Berthoud will turn some of the materials into custom furniture.

The Lofquists plan to build their dream home on the site.


  • Six DeConstruct™ Technician Certificates issued
  • Four students hired immediately after graduation
  • Over 1,700 of volunteer hours
  • Two houses deconstructed in 44 days
  • 86% of all construction materials diverted from landfill


  • Larimer County Community Corrections
  • Poudre High School
  • Cajun Moon Design
  • Colorado Iron and Metal
  • Disposal and Recycling Solutions
  • Hauser Architects
  • Home Builders Services
  • Scott Peters
  • Troy Forming
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