Loss of Tools in the High Park Fire

Last week we learned that our latest project was destroyed by the High Park fire at 811 Whale Rock Road leaving five students without a training site. Honoring my special request, Poudre Fire Authority Chief DeMint authorized an inspection of the interior of our tool container. The tools did not survive. These are tools that have been donated and purchased over the past six years totaling $6,200. Since NCC is not a general contractor, and tool insurance remains prohibitively expensive for a small non-profit, we are reaching out to the community for assistance.

You are receiving this request today because we need your help to get our training programs back on track. We have already reached out to several tool suppliers in the community, but there will only be so much they can contribute due to several recent donation requests.

Cash donations can be made here, and will be extremely helpful during this difficult time for NCC. Be assured that your donation will be used to build on the success of NCC; twenty-one projects, over 15,000 volunteer hours and a steady 80% job placement rate for its students. Any amount you can contribute will have a big impact on our organization and our mission.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished since 2006, and are ready to continue with our successes, so please take a moment to consider this special request and do what you can to help.


Sincerely Yours,

Neil A. Kaufman, Executive Director

Robb Sommerfeld, Assistant Director

Nick D. Benson, Operations Manager

Dan Wilkewitz, DeConstruct Development Manager

Dottie Bentley, Educational Liaison

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