Donate to NCC

Share your gift. Preserve your craft.

When the knowledge, skills and abilities of our community’s finest crafts people are given to future generations, the spirit of craftsmanship, integrity and creativity lives on.

The National Center for Craftsmanship invites you to pass on your gift of craftsmanship. The National Center for Craftsmanship is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation, enhancement and sustainability of quality craftsmanship. Working with industry, institutional and government partners, we have developed a series of educational community service and research programs which provide life-changing opportunities through shared experiences.

Donors receive a 25% Enterprise Zone Tax Credit!

Your gift has the power to change the lives of many by:

  • Training and developing future craftspeople.
  • Providing materials to support students working at the deconstruction site.
  • Preserving the trades, and keeping the legacy of fine craftsmanship alive for generations to come.
  • Supporting a better environment through the green building philosophy.

RealPro Active Funding Program – NCC’s Partnership in Real Estate

Make a significant donation to the National Center for Craftsmanship with NO out of pocket expense. When you buy or sell a home through RealPro Active, 20% of RealPro’s real estate commission is donated to NCC in your name. As the donor, you receive the tax benefit and NCC gets your much needed support. For more information visit the RealPro Active web site at